SeaLife Pharma becomes partner in EU funded PharmaSea Project


Sealife is pleased to announce that it has become a partner in the PharmaSea project funded by the European Union under its FP7 program. This project focuses on bio-discovery research, development and commercialization of new substances from marine organisms. Its primary goal is to collect marine samples from some of the hottest, deepest and coldest places on the planet. These samples will be screened to uncover marine microbes and new bioactive compounds, which will be evaluated to determine their potential as novel drug leads, antibiotics or ingredients for nutrition or cosmetic applications.

The collaborative project has built upon a highly interdisciplinary consortium of 24 partners from 13 countries from industry, academia and non-profit organizations. World-leading experts from Belgium, UK, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Denmark as well as partners from China, South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica and New Zealand are taking part in the PharmaSea project. PharmaSea brings together researchers from the areas of marine genomics, biosynthesis and chemical structure analysis as well as legal experts.

SeaLife’s role in the project is to be responsible for the development of strategies for compound scale-up, anti-infective screening and support toxicological screening using the company’s existing platforms to help further the development of potential lead candidates. For SeaLife the EU project is a unique chance to get access to novel marine organisms and work with an international team of well experienced experts able to help further develop SeaLife core product interests; the discovery of novel antibiotic lead candidates.

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